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On the basis of LSRPC from 1998 operates the Center of support of lactation and breastfeeding. In the hospital we have introduced 10 principles of successful breastfeeding. This allowed to gain the international status "Hospital easygoing attitude to the child." The Center has been created and equipped with the assistance of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF). The main activities of the center are: the study of pregnant women with breast-feeding, counseling and provision of psychological support on any problem of breastfeeding to pregnant women and breast-feedings, preparation marrieds to family birth.


Center of Development of early age child and happy paternity was established in 2005.
The main activities of the center are: organization of training through  lectures, classes, consultations for pregnant women, couples, partners of pregnant women in childbirth, people involved in educating the child, a research study on the role of implementation of the Center for the Development of early age Children and conscious affiliation, development and publication of special and popular literature on the problems of the development of children of early age and conscious affiliation for doctors, psychologists, teachers, pregnant women, parents.


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