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Over the past 3 years in perinatal center, on average held about 3500 births a year.

In obstetric-physiological department 90 percent of births are common in mothers and children, the introduction of which improved the course of postnatal period in births, contributes to the incidence in women and infants.
Medical intervention in childbirth is reduced to a minimum.
Since 2001, the office introduced the practice of keeping family labor. Marrieds comes in the office after a preliminary study.

Observations on the newborn are carried by doctors-neonatologists from the department of  infants and premature children .

Children born in severe state and profoundly premature are provided the emergency assistance in the neonatal intensive care department, where the  advanced  international experience is used for  their treatment.

Mothers of children who are treated in the neonatal intensive care department can visit their children, feed them.
After stabilization the infants are  transferred to specialized medical institutions of the city to continue their  treatment.

In the department of pathology of pregnancy are  hospitalized patients with premature after 22 weeks, late gestosis, pathology of placenta and shells, in violation of the fetus. Pregnants are examined on TORCH-infection, medical and genetic counseling is carried out with them.

 In the observational department are hospitalized pregnant women and women in travail with the infectious diseases and purulent-septic complications. The prevention of vertical HIV transmission from mother to child from 28 weeks and in childbirth is conducted  in the department.


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